We are

created to be



I am Jané

No one knows what they’re doing. At least, I don’t. You’ve come to the right place for support, laughter, some good cries, because I in fact, do not have my life together. I have no answers and don’t pretend to. Join me in my pursuit of getting comfortable with not always knowing, not always understanding and not always liking what I find. What I do know for sure, is this.

Jesus is immutable. Immovable. Never changing. He knows. That’s enough.

We yield
to God.
I submit to the Lordship of Christ. He permeates and saturates every aspect of my life. I move, because He first moved.
We are Created.
I see myself through the eyes of the One who created me. I love myself, because He first loved me.
We are
not alone.
I was created for relationship - with my Creator. The natural outflow is relationsip with my fellow humans.
We own joy.
I choose to experience joy in every circumstance, not because I have the ability, but becaucs Christ gifted it to me.
We stick
it out.
I get to perservere through hardships and give the glory to the One who strengthens me.

Sneak Peek

We believe that we were created to be authentic.

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